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Cultural Specific Therapy


In this workshop, we will explore two critical questions related to Cultural Specific Therapy. The first question is, „What is Cultural Specific Therapy from your point of view?“ By engaging in group discussions and interactive activities, we will collectively explore our understandings and perspectives on Cultural Specific Therapy and identify the key principles and strategies that define this approach. The second question we will discuss is, „How can Cultural Specific Therapy become better in Germany?“ This question is particularly relevant given the unique cultural landscape of Germany and the diverse needs of its population. By sharing our experiences and insights, we will identify areas for improvement and brainstorm innovative solutions for promoting cultural sensitivity and awareness in mental health treatment. We are also fortunate to have a great Persian German psychologist (Psych. Natali Majidian) joining us in this workshop to share her experiences and perspectives on Cultural Specific Therapy. Her unique insights and perspectives will enrich our discussions and broaden our understanding of the challenges and opportunities in providing culturally sensitive mental health treatment to patients with diverse background. The workshop will primarily be conducted in English; however, participants can switch to German as needed. We understand that some participants may be more comfortable communicating in their native language, and we want to ensure that everyone can participate fully in the workshop discussions and activities. I would be happy to provide you with more details and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the workshop!

For more information about time and place contact hanieh.taiebi [at] stud.uni-frankfurt.de (hanieh[dot]taiebi[at]stud[dot]uni-frankfurt[dot]de)